Project Pipeline

Like most writers, I have no shortage of story/book ideas. I use my pipeline to track them and their progress. These are the top three projects that I have simmering in my imagination.

Copy of Copy of Thrice to Thine (1).jpg

Thrice to Thine (Once & Future Book 3)

143000 / 100% done! In Revision

The third installment of the Once & Future Series sees Sarah and Dermot reunited in Scotland. Sarah left her home in North Carolina with two things on her mind; finding answers about her mother and being with the man she loves. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to cooperate with her palns.

Lady Bright Leaf (Mid-grade Fantasy)

3% done!

Lady Bright Leaf is the working title for a new project that I will be working on with my children. It is a mid-grade gothic fantasy novel about two sisters and a friend who have a harrowing adventure. Set in the 1870's this is historical fiction that will tap into the folklore of the Old World and the New World. Think A Little Princess meets Pan's Labyrinth in a Carolina pine forest.

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23% done!

Once & Future Short

Amy Monroe didn't expect to have to get past her former roommate's bodyguards to get the rest of her things from her apartment, but she supposed she should have. She also expected there would be time to mend fences with Sarah.