Progress Update

I'm getting closer to releasing A Fond Kiss, my next novelette. I'll working on the final edits as soon as I finish this post. After posting the previous cover and getting some feedback on it. I made a few modifications. I think this new cover strikes the right tone for this story.

I also have a few things coming up to help get the word out.

I'll be doing an interview for the blog of fellow writer John B. Campbell. I highly recommend you check out his book, Walk to Paradise Garden. I'm also excited to be posting an interview of John here in the near future. So there should be some juicy shop talk about editing and characterization.

And a guest post on Sean McLachlan's blog Civil War Horror to talk about research, some online research tools. This is especially fitting for A Fond Kiss because it's based on a true story.

I can also be found reviewing books at Read All Over Reviews.

I'll let you know when A Fond Kiss is ready for release.

As always, I am also hard at work on the novel. If you haven't already you can get a sneak peak here and here.