Buddy - New Short Story

I have been so heads-down working on Cauldron, that I seem to have neglected to post about the new Once and Future Short Story, Buddy. Readers of The River Maiden might remember Sarah MacAlpin's childhood friend Buddy Corbett. I have revisited the grown up Buddy to see how he remembers that magical summer when he and Sarah shared their first kiss.

I LOVED finding Buddy's voice for this story. He's an interesting character for me and his voice is so different from my own. I had a great time stepping into Buddy's skin and seeing things through his eyes.

Here's the pitch:

Just when Buddy Corbett thought his night couldn't get any worse, his brothers show up.

As the youngest of the contentious Corbett clan, Buddy has spent most of his life trying to get away from the remote mountain hollow where they all grew up. Now at the end of a long day, he can't avoid talking to them. When one of his brothers mentions their old neighbor, Maggie MacAlpin, he can't help thinking about Old Maggie's granddaughter, Sarah. She was as tough and wild as she was beautiful. And she was the first girl that Buddy ever loved.

One summer when they were barely old enough for kissing, Buddy learned just how much that love could cost them.

You can find Buddy on Amazon.

I should also point out that there is a preview of the first chapter of Cauldron at the end of the short. Just to tide you over.