Gaelic Songs & Influence

This Saturday, I will be speaking at the Outlander Odysseys Gathering in Williamsburg, Virginia about Puirt a beul. In advance of that I put together a public playlist on Spotify that is made up of Gaelic and English songs. 

These songs show the most common types of Gaelic music and the Gaelic influence on Appalachian music. The latter of course is the topic of Sarah MacAlpin's dissertation in The River Maiden.

If you don't currently have Spotify, there is a free version with ads,  but I am also listing these songs below. I'll group them according to type and provide links to the lyrics where possible. 


Puirt a beul

Brochan Lom (Christina Stewart) There is a second version of this song on the list that highlights the fiddle tune.

S'ann an Ile Bhoidheach (Scottish Band)

Si Morag (Tannas)

Seallaibh Curraigh Eoghainn (Mary Jane Lamond)

Puirt a Beul (Gillebribe MacMillan)

Hug air a'Bhonaid Mhoir (Julie Fowlis)

Puirt & Dannsadh (Joy Dunlop)

Domhnall mac 'ic Iain (Mary Jane Lamond)

Waulking Songs (Oraid Luaidh)

Gaol Ise Gaol I (Toganaud)

Oran Do Ghille a Chaidh a Bhathadh (Mary Jane Lamond)

Ballads or Lays (Duain)

Am Bron Binn (Barluath)

The Woman of Balnain (Gillebride MacMillan)

Two Sisters (Clannad),  Bonny Broom (Glengarry Bhoys)  These are two different songs based on the same story.

Naomi Wise (Tammerlin)

Matty Groves (Doc Watson)

Pretty Polly (Vandeveer)

The BlackSmith (Deanta)

Love Songs (Orain Gaoil)

Mo Run Geal Dileas (The Ranking Family)

Fear A Bhata (Moira Kerr) 

Barbara Allen (Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones)

The Unquiet Grave (Solas)

Laments (Tuiridhean)

Blar Inbhir Lochaidh (Mary Jane Lamond)

Ailein Duinn (Catriona Watt)

Lullabies (Tailidhean)

Bidh Clann Ulaidh (Seelyhoo)