Get out your party hats

Toss the confetti, break out the champagne. The River Maiden has officially been out for a year, and what a year it's been.  I've been heads down writing Cauldron for much of the time, but there have been some great highs of the past year. 

There was this. 

Photo credit to  Trish Casey-Green 

Photo credit to Trish Casey-Green 

And my first book signing that always delightful Mary Chris Escobar and Leila Gaskin .

Note the always supportive and energizing  @JennyC_VA

Note the always supportive and energizing @JennyC_VA

I used NaNoWriMo to get a huge chunk of Book 2 drafted. It was my first time with NaNo. It was tough, but I probably wrote 60% of the book that month. I also proved to myself, a notoriously slow writer, that I could write 50k words in 30 days. 

I had a fantastic weekend speaking to Outlander Odysseys Williamsburg. I talked to a lot of readers and some writers this weekend. It was an honor to speak at such great event for a good cause.

17 minute video covering three day event in Colonial Williamsburg. You can catch me singing at the 6:16 mark.

And of course there was that trip to Scotland to research the coming books. 

Ardvreck Castle, important site in Cauldron.

Ardvreck Castle, important site in Cauldron.

The best part by far has been engaging with readers. Every tweet, or message that I get from a reader means to world to me and some of you have been incredibly kind and generous with your support. I'm still figuring out the marketing thing, so word of mouth has been essential. I've been lucky enough to get some great reviews on Amazon. Some readers have even given my books as gifts to others who they think will enjoy them.

So, after a fantastic year, I want to thank you all. In the next year, we'll see Cauldron and maybe Thrice Again. I can't wait until you all read what's going to happen to these characters next and for you to meet some new characters. There is a lot more to tell.