10 things I will NOT do when the kids go back to school

The kids are going back to school and that means that I can get back to a working schedule that I can be happy with. Make no mistake, I adore my children, but as an introvert with a sometimes pathological work ethic, being surrounded by chatty kids and prevented from working can be a bit crazy-making.

Since the surest way to make sure a thing won't happen or won't happen soon enough to suit me is to tell everyone about it. I'm going to try telling you what I'm NOT going to be doing come Monday in the hopes that those are the things that I actually will do.

10. I will NOT dance around the newly empty house like this. 


9. I will NOT enjoy eating lunch in the kitchen in peace and quiet. 

8. I will NOT catch up on housework or the mountain of laundry. 

7. I will NOT have a book signing on the 22nd. 

6. I will NOT step up my book marketing efforts with free offerings and giveaways.

5. I will NOT get down to recording the audio book for The River Maiden.

4. I will NOT work on refining the stories and further research for Pip.

3. I will NOT release a short story about Sarah and her childhood friend Buddy Corbett.

2. I will NOT outline the idea that I got over the summer for a book about Amy Monroe.  

1. I will DEFINITELY NOT finish the blasted rough draft for Cauldron that I have been mentally chewing on all summer.