Summer SALE!

It's time to break out the SPF 50, big floppy hats, and shades, and head to the beach. There's just something about reading a good book with the sound of waves in the background that does the soul good. I've already gotten the first picture of The River Maiden on the beach for this season (I love those, by the way. Feel free to share yours.) 

Untitled design (3).jpg

I'm celebrating the start of summer with a great sale. Both books in the Once & Future Series are only 99 cents this week. So if you're new to the series, grab them both. If you haven't read Cauldron yet, here's a great opportunity. And if you've already read them, tell your friends they can pick them both up for less than the cost of a latte. 

I'm making great progress with Book 3. In fact my newsletter subscribers just got a sneak peek at a scene with some new characters in their inboxes. If you want to sign up for the newsletter, the form is at the top of the bar on the right of this page.

Also, I have finally been able to run a sale in both the US and the UK at the same time. YAY! So, if you are in the UK or have friends who are, here is the link to the series page. 

Happy Reading. And I'll get back to writing.