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When Sarah left her home in North Carolina, she had two goals in mind: get answers about her mother and get her man. Unfortunately, no one seems to want to cooperate.

Working side by side with Dermot Sinclair she throws temptation in his way every chance she gets. But something is always holding him back. So, Sarah devotes her time to researching the mysterious Highland village where her parents met. Of course, she can’t find it on any map and her so-called gift can’t help her. She has to turn to folklore for clues. Meanwhile, Sarah is being pursued relentlessly by Scotland’s most eligible bachelor, James Stuart whose generous gifts and lavish attention may prove hard to resist.

All Dermot wants to do is keep the women he loves safe, but he is torn between Sarah and the needs of his ailing mother. Watching his childhood friend, James attempt to romance the woman he loves may be more than he can take.