A Valentine for my Valentine

It doesn't sound terribly romantic, but as I was watching my husband hold back our 5-year-old daughter's hair while she emptied the meager contents of her stomach this morning I was taken back fifteen years to the day to our first date. That's right. Our first date was on Valentine's Day (no pressure, right?).  I think most couple would not want top start their relationships on Valentine's Day, but for us it wouldn't have mattered, because I think we knew right from the beginning that this is where we would be. We just sort of fell in to each other's rhythms and never really looked back. Now, nobody is perfect and I'm not saying it's all been smooth sailing. But no matter what the issue we usually work our way around to the same page and haven't gotten bored with each other. When either one of us needs to hear a voice of reason, the other is there. When my inner hermit is winning and I just want to shut myself away, he draws me out into the world. Now, with two ridiculously smart kids who surprise us almost daily with their views of the world life is always an adventure with the Stoddard family.

My husband learned early on that I'm a creative person, and he never fails to encourage that. He made it his goal to get us to a financial position where I could stay home with the kids and pursue those creative endeavors, and he did. He's also willing to lend a hand with those things when needed. He's my alpha reader, and gives me valuable feedback on everything I write before anyone else. His internet geekery is responsible for this website. And he gets that there are a bunch of crazy things going on inside my head at any given time, and if I seem a bit scattered or inattentive it's no reflection on my feelings for him.

So we might be spending Valentines Day taking care of a child with a stomach bug, but that doesn't make it any less wonderful.