Diving into the deep end

Just back from the excitement of the James River Writers Conference. There were a ton of terrific speakers and I learned a lot. I came away with a huge to do list. One of those things is putting myself out in the world in more than just print.

In a perfect world, we introverts would just do terrific work and people would flock to it because it's terrific. That's not really how the world works. We/I have step outside our little bubble and actually tell people what we're doing. With that in mind, I recorded this video on Friday. Unfortunately, due to the vagaries of hotel WIFI, I wasn't able to upload it until I got home. So, it's a couple of days old, but still just as relevant. 

I do intend to get to a post up this week about some of the writers that I met and discussions that I had. This conference is not huge, but it gets terrific speakers and is well worth the trip to Richmond, even if you live a lot further away than I do. 

As mentioned in the video, I am starting a newsletter. So, be sure to sign up below or on my Home page. I do plan some special things for newsletter subscribers like exclusive excerpts, and maybe advanced access to short stories. 

Also, on the Home page, note the progress meters. I will do my best to keep these up to date, so everyone can see how the work is going.