Wanna see a new cover?

Wanna see a new cover?

Book 3 beta reading is chugging along. I have already gotten feedback from a couple of my readers and so far so good. There are of course, some things that need ironing out, but I'll be tackling that in good time. 

So, it's about time I showed the world the cover for Thrice to Thine. Of course my newsletter subscribers and Kettle Holler Literary Society members have already seen this, but it's about time the rest of you did too So, here it is. 

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Of Sound and Sea gets a cover

...and I learn some new skills.

Since you will discover that I am very cheap, and I already use GIMP for editing pics for my etsy store, I decided to get into using layers and text to make my own book cover. Yes, I'm still writing the book and only have a handful of short stories for it right now. However, I have picked the title and I super love it. Plus it's a great motivator to be able to get a picture of what I want the finished book to look like. So there it is. Feel free to let me know what you think, and any tips you might have for making book covers, as this is my first attempt and I expect to make more in the future.

If you're interested in making book covers too, here is the tutorial that I used: How to create an ebook cover with GIMP

I do have one confession to make. The photo I used is not of the sound or the sea. It is in fact the Potomac. I couldn't get down to the NC coast to take a picture, but I took this one at Westmoreland State Park here in VA and the driftwood and water seemed to invoke the sound so I'm using it.